Strategic Plan

First Things First

Veritas. Amicitia. Fides. Truth. Friendship. Loyalty.

Today, a century later, Nightingale returns to those founding principles with one fundamental understanding: education at Nightingale is profoundly and inextricably rooted in relationships. Four years ago, we crafted a strategic plan that put our first things first, propelling Nightingale into its second century.

Strategic Plan Goals

The educational program

The fundamental purpose of a Nightingale education is revealed over a lifetime. At Nightingale, students develop the foundation to do anything they want to do, and an abiding passion for making a difference.

To give students opportunities to embrace and celebrate the diversity of cultures, languages, and identities in our community and our world, and become engaged global citizens, we emboldened our modern language instruction, expanded our international travel program, and created opportunities for our students to participate in exchanges around the world. Recognizing there are areas where girls need to be empowered, we integrated STEM and STEAM concepts throughout our curriculum from K-XII. We clarified our vision and strategy around athletics and physical education to focus on the health and wellness of the entire child, body, and mind. To continue boosting our curriculum, we will support expert teaching through enhanced professional development. Our goal is to graduate young women who are prepared and committed to living lives of meaning, and part of that goal means articulating a modern vision for the Upper School experience.

The student experience

For Nightingale students, learning occurs in a rich interplay of relationships—among the students, their teachers, their families, and each other. With this plan, we go forward with purpose, harnessing the power of those relationships to educate every girl’s mind and heart. We ensure that our health and wellness program meets all students’ needs and emphasizes relationships at its core. We seek to create space for alternative instruction, assessment, and feedback and give students leadership opportunities throughout this process.

Our goal is to nurture the relationships that are at the center of our supportive, anti-racist community.

Our community

The success and strength of Nightingale’s educational experience depend on the collective voices of our diverse community. We want to foster an environment that is diverse, equitable, and inclusionary, and where all community members are recognized and valued. We commit to increasing diversity in the Schoolhouse, including among the student body and the faculty and staff and on the Board of Trustees.

Our goal is to value relationship-building as the pathway to appreciating diversity and building inclusion.

Sustainability of our mission

Generations of Nightingale alumnae have led lives of meaning, a testament to the power of our founders’ vision. Ensuring that the same opportunities exist for future generations of students is of primary importance. We commit to maintaining wise stewardship of our financial resources, planning now for a sustainable future, including fostering a philanthropy culture that supports Nightingale’s current program and our vision for our future. We provide competitive salaries and professional development opportunities to our outstanding faculty and staff and bolster our reputation for excellence through relationship-based education.

Our goal is to ensure the sustainability of our mission by investing in our most precious resource: our people.

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